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What do you like? What do you like? - I like cake...
Hello! This morning after park time we decided to make our favorite cake! Our crew put aprons on, washed nicely their hands and gathered at the table...Everyone was excited!

What do we need for a cake? Eggs, butter, sour cream, sugar, flour, chocolate chips, cocoa, soda and vinegar - wow! lots of things!!! It's fun to mix them all together!

It's quite a challenge for a two-year-old to break an egg! But we help each other, and there are no egg shells in our cake mix!:)))
We all work together and take turns to mix the ingrediens in. 
We divide our cake mix in two bowls. We add cocoa powder into one, and chocolate chips into another, then we work with spoons: white-brown-white-brown-white-brown ...Now  we are ready to bake our cake! 
40 minutes of waiting! It smells nice in our classroom!!! And.... Here we go! We have a nice marble cake after lunch

Good Job, Everybody! Yummy...........!!!!!!

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