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Popcorn! Little Minds Style!

Hello, Everybody! Today is a very hot day, and we in Little Minds stay in. In the morning all of our students were busy with centers. One of the most popular centers this summer is "IRON BEADS" center. Students make nice pictures using plastic beads, then we iron the picture through the waxed paper and here we go, a nice wall decoration or a coaster is ready!

Then our snack time started and, today's snack was special! Shawn used his original flavored popcorn recipe , and we must say, that Shawn is really good at making popcorn! We filled our students' bowls with just made still warm popcorn, and magic started! Everyone enjoyed a truly American taste of popcorn. It was so good, Shawn had to make more and more!!! We had a real popcorn party today!!!
Popcorn is one of the most favorite snacks in Little Minds! Our "Language Arts" class students even drew pictures about one of our popcorn parties!

Before lunch our little students were working in dramatic play center, but children who are already elementary school students were sharpening up on their math skills solving addition and subtraction problems. We want our students to practice and come back to their schools in September being ready to study further.
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