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Little Minds in Hakkeijima Sea Paradise!
Hello, Everyone! We had a really wonderful weekend! Last Saturday, as planned, we went on our field trip to Hakkeijima Sea Paradise!
This time we had many more friends to join, our bus was full. We all were excited! Students and their parents took their seats and we took off! 

First 10-15 minutes everyone was looking at Sea Paradise colorful pamphlets and imagining all that fun they were about to experience. 
Then we sang couple of songs and played fun games. Our students were good at naming summer things, and telling us what fruits they like to eat in summer. 

We gave everyone their yummy snacks and let our students enjoy the view outside. It took us less then 40 minutes to get to Hakkeijima, because highway was empty. Our bus took us very close to the Aquarium, so we walked only couple of minutes to the entrance. 

The weather was cloudy and we were expecting rain any time, so we decided to visit the Fureal Lagoon, the area outside, where children can see sea animals really close and even touch them; everybody can also play in water, look at star fish and many other kinds of fish. 
At 12 o'clock we all had lunch in one of the nice restaurants nearby.

After lunch it was time for a dolphin show; there were so many people in Hakkeijima on Saturday, but fortunately we all got the seats and enjoyed the great performance by the smartest animals ever.
After the show we went to see the Aqarium and it was actually a start of our game! Each of he students got a sheet with 6 sea animal pictures on it; our students had to find all those animals, show them to teachers, say animals' names and get the stamp from one of the teachers under each animal picture. Everybody was involved into this game, and by the end of our field trip all students got 6 stamps! We walked back to the bus and all of the students got a nice summer sticker book and bookmarks as a prize! 
Mission's accomplished, everyone's aboard, we were on our way back. 
And right after we left Hakkeijima, it started raining. But rain didn't bother anyone! We enjoyed the Yokohama views outside, and many of our students fell asleep being tired of having fun. There was no traffic on the way back to school, so were were back on schedule.

What a great time it was!!! Thank you for all the friends, who joined us! We will be planning a new field trip in Autumn. Please, check our blogs for info, or start asking staff and make your reservations in September.


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