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Warm beautiful days to remember...
Hello Everyone! Did you notice how beautiful it is outside recently. The Golden Autumn is everywhere! It's too wonderful outside to waste time and stay inside. We in Little Minds have decided to take our students out and have our lessons outside. On sunny warm days like today we usually do our Nature walk. We take students for a walk and choose many different destinations. We like the park next to our school a lot, but we want to show our students many different parks and also many famous sights of the Setagaya city. We like to teach our students about the place they live in, about it's nature and history. Our students enjoy such walking so much.  We sometimes think they must be tired of walking for so long, but when we ask them: Are you guys tired? They all usually answer: No-no-no! Not tired! :)) This is the magical power of nature! We are lucky to have our school in Setagaya, this beautiful part of Tokyo, full of green parks and long walking paths. As for me, I'm lucky to have one of such paths right next to my house, and I usually take my son and daughter there for a walk.
Many beautiful flowers and plants, no cars, very few bicycles...What else do you need for a perfect walk? Enjoy these fine autumn days!!!

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