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Happy Halloween, part 2: Are there any candy left???

Hello, Everyone! Here we are! Today is Halloween Day and the end of our Halloween week! Everyone says: NO MORE CANDY! Enough! :))))) We give away the rest of candies today! And go on a diet! :)))) Till Christmas! Well....I'm kidding, of course. Everybody had much fun during this Halloween week. We did many activities, played lots of games, tried to scare our students, but all of them were very tough and were just laughing back! Even little ones! Well...I guess, me and Shawn, we are not scary at all.....We had lots of laughs! Shawn was doing his trick with Halloween coins, he placed them on his elbow, then suddenly dropped them, but...all of them were on palm of his hand. This was a hit. Everybody was trying to repeat that...Nobody could... (May be only long years of practice can help, I think...) We've read lots of Halloween stories, watched movies about trick-or-treating, learned the names of all the monsters available, played Halloween bingo, go fish and old witch card games...Wow! We learned a lot! We listened to scary spooky music and decorated our classroom together with handmade spiders, ghosts, bats and other creepy stuff...

My daughter and son joined me for this Halloween, and I was really glad to see their happy faces! My son can not eat the candy yet, but he was sure busy getting candy (he just likes to grab things:))))

We are putting away our Halloween decorations tonight...It's been a great fun time. We say to our little bats and ghosts: See you next year! Let's have more Fun! We say THANK YOU to all of the Little Minds Friends, who took part and helped us organize our events! Have a nice long weekend! We say good buy to Halloween and come back to our studies! See you next week! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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