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What to do in November...


Hello, Everyone! November is a month, when most of people are taking a break after celebrating Halloween and getting ready for Christmas. We in Little Minds study hard in November, We review the things we know already and learn more-more-more!!!
Our preschool students are getting really good at putting alphabet in order. We also learn new songs and continue to explore the area around our school. Today we went to take a look at that little pond behind the library in Tsurumaki, close to Matsugaoka elementary school. We saw beautiful fish, and two rabbits, gray and white. The weather was so nice and everybody enjoyed our walk a lot, too bad it was too close to lunchtime and we had to come back. On the way back we heard someone calling us, it was our afternoon class student J., he was having his PE lesson at Matsugaoka elementary school and was outside, he was happy to see us, and we were happy, too, of course! We waved at him and went back to school.
Out afternoon classes are concentrated on speaking as always, but we also work on phonics and take reading very serious. We want our students to be able to read English books as good as they read Japanese. One of the popular phonics programs we use is Hooked on Phonics program; our Immersion 2 students are about to finish the yellow book, which contains short -a-, -e-, -i-, -o-, -u- sounds, we also work with Scholastic learning materials, each student has a personal book, which helps to learn about alphabet and phonics. As for reading, a real hit in our advanced class is a Phonics Reading Program by Scholastic, 12 books about Dora the Explorer adventures.Our students love movies about Dora, and love these books as well.

We never forget that motivation is very important! Children learn much faster when they enjoy the process!

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