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Meet Little Minds Family!

I think it's time to introduce Little Minds team! We all know each other for a long time, we are not only co-workers, but also friends and like to call ourselves Little Minds Family. 

Let me start with Shawn, our principal and main teacher. Shawn is from California. This guy is as fun and kind person as big he is. He loves children and they love him back. He likes to keep things in order and makes sure everyone does the same. Shawn is teaching English in Japan for more then 10 years now, he's certified early childhood education professional and still continues studying in this field. He's a happy father of three wonderful children, too. Outside of his job Shawn loves music, sports, books, cars, outdoors and many other things...

Next I'd like to introduce Kumiko. She's managing everything and everyone in Little Minds. She will always make sure that our students' parents get all the necessary information about learning process and any changes in our schedule. She's very nice and it's pleasure to communicate with her. She is a mother of a six year old boy. Kumiko loves animals and taking care of them, she knows all the fun places for children, and drives her car perfectly! 

This is Katsumi - our teacher assistant. Children adore him, because he always has a lot of  games to play with them and lot's of fun things to do. Katsumi is still learning about early childhood, he's also studying English. He's interested in sports, he plays volleyball and basketball. He also loves music! Katsumi has lots of friends everywhere because of his cheerful and bright personality; he's always in a good mood and loves his job.

           This is me, Patricia. I'm an English and German languages teacher. I studied and worked in Russia and have an experience of working with young children in  Japan. I love my job; have my own child, daughter, very soon I'm going to have a second baby. I love teaching children and spending time with them, we are always busy at school learning not only English, but also creating beautiful crafts. I love to work with paint, clay,  fabrics,paper and all kinds of craft materials. We do beautiful projects with our students to enhance their fine motor skills and develop their imagination.
I believe all children are creative by nature, they just need  an environment to explore their own abilities. And this is educators' job to create such environment. I love music, books and movies. I love nature, and traveling by car with my family.

Well, these are people who are usually seen at school. There are also special people who's taking care of our security, maintenance, website, advertisement , transportation and many other things a good school can't exist without. They are wonderful people and we are grateful for their dedication and help.

No good business can be done without strong and confident team. That's true!

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