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All I want for Christmas is...
 Hello, Everyone! We didn't notice how Christmas spirit took over our classroom today! We just put the tree out and hung couple of decorations on our walls and children instantly started talking about Santa and presents. We also put new books in our library, they tell stories about Christmas and winter.
Our preschoolers all decided not to go outside today; and frankly....it was just freezzzzzzzing outside...
They were busy making their first x-mas crafts this year. This simple christmas stocking is fun to make with little ones.
Some of our preschoolers are not even 2 years old yet, but they could finish their craft without any help. We used christmas stickers to decorate the stockings, and they looked so cute! We also started doing our x-mas coloring and activity sheets. Look! What a nice dot-to-dot Christmas Tree!
Our afternoon classes did language arts. Today's theme was - All I want for Christmas is...... Our students drew pictures of the things they wanted for Christmas. They had so much fun!!!
We also read a story about the most famous X-mas cookie - Gingerbread Man! Shawn put his twist on a story as always!
It's been a cold, but a very nice day! Please take care, Everyone! Do not catch cold! We see you at school!

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