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2008 - Boroichi
Hello, Everyone! Today is December 16th, and it's the second day of Boroichi matsuri. This time we have our classes as always, just our students have a little trouble to get to school, because it is really crowded outside. Weather  is really fine and warm this time, that is why also there are so many visitors this year. Our little store has many colorful English books, stationary, toys and other little cute things for children. Pencils are most popular this year. We use them in classroom, too. They have very colorful design and an eraser, as colorful and pencil itself.

Our students enjoyed the first day of the winter school yesterday. We sang Christmas songs with our preschool class and made a cute reindeer. We even fixed a little bell on reindeer's neck. Everybody enjoyed this simple paper craft.


Our Language Arts class was busy. We set the Centers for our students. They had many choices. They had iron beads center to join, where we were offering to make a cute X-mas design. Then they moved to an other center, where they used pine cones to make a tiny glittery Christmas tree. Our computer center was popular as usual along with our library. Coloring center offered many different winter and Christmas coloring sheets. After everyone had a snack and watched a short Christmas movie, we started our Language arts. We read a book about snowman, and look what wonderful impressions our students had. It was crowded outside, but our students didn't get destructed at all.

My daughter Maru was helping us a lot yesterday, she was a real little teacher assistant. She was in charge of ironing students' iron beads designs, then she helped the little ones with pine cones, and after all she also lead our Christmas Bingo game, she called the names of the cards and made sure, that everyone put the markers on their cards. She also made sure that everyone responded in English. Thank you, Maru, for being such a good helper!

Before saying Good Bye, we all played a mitten matching game. We matched big and small letters of the ABCs and then sang a song jumping over those mittens! Everyone had so much fun! Everybody was happy! Happy Holidays,Everyone! Let's Enjoy them together!

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