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Winter School? Where? - In Little Minds! Join NOW!!!
Hello, Everyone! It's Friday, and the first week of Winter School 2008 is almost over. We had many friends in our Preschool today, so we decided to make a big poster project. We all got comfortable on the floor with glue sticks in our hands and started making our Merry Christmas mosaic.
All of the students were so busy, they even didn't go to the park before lunch. (we had our park time after lunch) But Everyone liked the outcome!!! Look at our poster. People are passing our school and smiling! This is the best result we could get!!! Happy Holiday mood for everybody!
This week all of our classes were making nice Christmas crafts and activities. Everyone has the holiday spirit already and is waiting for Santa to come and bring lots of presents. We have a set of flashcards about Christmas. We do number of activities with them, which all of our Immersion students love. We do the guessing game, one of the students draws the image on the white board everybody is trying to guess what it is. We get lots of laughs!
This week went really fast! We are counting days till Christmas! 6 days left...have you been good this year?
Are you ready for your presents???

P.S. We got a nice aroma oil for our classroom, the evergreen!!! It even smells Christmas in Little Minds now!

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