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Boroichi 2009

 Hello Everybody! We started New Year with event. As planned we took part in Boroichi festival. This time the weather was really cold, but it didn't bother the visitors. Boroichi street was as crowded as always on the days of it's main event of the year. It's amazing, how many different people come here every year. I've even heard they have Boroichi bus tour now, just for visiting this famous festival. Many stores put out stuff, which had been used already: used clothes, traditional japanese clothes like kimono, yukata...etc., furniture, dishes...among all of that you can find really rare pieces sometimes. Some stores sell food and drinks, of course. The cake shop "Platino" next to our school sells outstanding hot cocoa on festival days. They sell yummy muffins, one bite cakes and caramel popcorn, too. People always line up to taste these wonderful sweets. Other places sell yakisoba, okonomiyaki, yakitori and other popular matsuri food, which you can buy and eat as you go and look around. Well there are all kinds of shops and all kinds of things people can find in Boroichi...But even if you do not buy anything, it is sure a sight for any person to enjoy.

 Little Minds store this time offered lots of cute things, mostly for children, of course. Books, lots of colorful pencils and erasers, funny toys and learning toys, balls, jump ropes, bags, lunch boxes, coloring sets and many more things. We truly appreciate our students, their friends and parents, who visited us during Boroichi matsuri and bought things. Thank you so much! The profit we get from this event we usually use to get new materials for our students, so please tell your children to be prepared to see new things in the classroom!

 We say good bye to Boroichi festival till December! It was good to be a part of this old tradition of the Setagaya ward. We will be doing it again.

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