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More chocolate!!!! or Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello, Everyone! We at Little Minds are getting ready for Valentine's Day, and all of the classes are doing something special! The shape of the week for preschool is HEART of course! Hearts are everywhere: on the walls, on the boards, on the furniture, on coloring sheets....all over the classroom! We all are in love! Someone is in love with his family and pet, another one is just in love with today's weather, which is the strangest thing, because the weather those couple of days hasn't been really nice to us: blasting wind, cold and clouds-clouds-clouds!
As for today's Language Arts class, I can proudly say, our students did a great job making a wonderful wreath. It was a recycling craft project. We used old wire hangers and toilet paper rolls to make a base for a wreath. We wrapped origami paper over each roll to make our wreath pale pink. We've found this idea on-line, and it seemed really cool to us! The original idea was to paint the rolls. But we had plenty of brown rolls, those seemed pretty difficult to paint pink, and then it would take much time to dry them, so we just found the wrapping solution!
The project is not difficult at all! It just needs a little preparation time from teachers. But we worked as a team as always: I was wrapping, Katsumi was making a cut on each pink roll, so the students would be able to thread the rolls on the wire hanger later. Shawn was getting the classroom ready as always. Oh! Right! Last Saturday we started cutting out lots of hearts! Out of any paper! Mostly origami paper of course, so today we had a pretty nice quantity of hearts for students to glue on their wreathes! They just had to think about the lay out and color combination! And look what we've got! We've worked almost one hour, but when students' mothers and fathers came to pick them up, absolutely everyone was surprised by this beauty their children have created! I think our students also have created a real Valentine's Day mood for their families! And for us, too! Happy Valentine's Day!!!  See you soon! P.S. I have to run and buy some chocolate...))))

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