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Preschool this week
Hello, Everyone! We finished eating our Valentine's Day chocolates and came back to studies right away. This week our preschoolers were very busy learning their ABCs. The letter of the week is letter "J". We learn many words starting with it. We also learn tracing it. But "J" arts and crafts are the real highlight of the week! On Monday we finger painted our "J", on Wednesday we did the "J" lacing (we punched lots of holes in our Js and let our students color the letters first and then lace though those holes with the colorful strings), on Thursday we took our paint brushes and easels and did the "J"  art. Our students will remember letter "J" for sure!
We also did the numbers, this week we used our knowledge to play a wonderful game called number bowling. What a success it was!
Students at Little Minds love books. They sometimes just go to the library and look through many of them,
but most of all our children enjoy story time!We all gather in our library corner, make comfortable and enjoy listening!

February is almost over, many of the parents are deciding about their children's schedule and place to study from this  April. We are accepting new students now! Please, come to school and take a look at our preschool class, take your child with you and experience our trial lessons! Your children deserve to study second language, manners, science, geography, arts& crafts and other important skills in a warm environment with certified teachers taking care of them. Our japanese assistants are always ready to answer any of your questions. We believe, learning is an exciting experience, if it's happening in a right place.

We are looking forward to many friends joining this spring!
Contact us:
tel: 03-3706-1119
fax: 03-3706-2229
e-mail: info@little-minds.com

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