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Strawberry Picking! How was it? - What do you think?:)

Hello Everyone! We are back in Little Minds from our weekend, and everybody is so pleased with last Saturday! Our field trip was really nice, we all : preschoolers, immersion program students, parents and teachers had lots and lots of fun!
We got on our bus around 9 o'clock and fastened our seat belts. We sang our favorite songs and played couple of games, then every child got his snack and juice and enjoyed the learning video about food. We got to Miura, and the weather was unfriendly at first: cold wind from the ocean was blowing really strong, but everyone decided to go to the play ground. Couple of minutes and we all forgot about cold weather.
Then it was pizza making time, we got into a warm room, where everything was set and ready for us. We washed our hands and started making our original pizza. We could choose between ham-and-cheese and teriyaki taste pizza. Teriyaki pizza looked like panda, ham-and-cheese one looked like piggy. We created so many different looking but sure cute looking pandas and pigs! 8 minutes in the oven and.....yummy-yummy-yummy! Great job, everybody!
After lunch everyone went to a grass slide...What a wonderful view we saw from the top of it! Ocean flat like a mirror, wonderful birds in the sky, unbelievable blue sky....Nature was really kind to us! It became really warm around that time, and everyone could enjoy the green slide time!
After that our afternoon immersion program students were trying on all the nice bicycles and tricycles... Some of the little ones even drove a racing cart with their parents. Children's park was a hit with all it's slides and swings, jungle gyms and ropes.
We got on our bus again and went to a strawberry picking spot! All of us were happy and tired already but tried hard not to fall asleep on the way. We got into a strawberry house and got busy eating...I believe, no strawberries were left behind:)))).
On the way back most of us crashed out on the bus and didn't even notice how got back to school. It was a great experience. Thanks to all who's come and shared it with us!

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