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Easter is coming!

Hello, Everyone! It's been a while since my last post. Well..the thing is, we were just having to many things to do in our classroom to review all we've learned last school year in Little Minds.
On March 28th we had our Graduation Party; only two students have graduated this time, but they didn't leave Little Minds Family, they just chose different programs to join to, and we are very happy about it. Party went really well, we all had fun and had a great chance to chat with parents, and children had plenty of time to play.  Our students received their albums with pictures to remember their time at Little Minds. We did a little performance for parents and all of the students did really well. After all we had coffee and cake, juice and cookies, lots of yummy things...

After that Little Minds team took one week vacation. We decided to do it this year to spend time with our families and children, who were on their spring break, too. I must say, I had a great time with my family; we spent couple of days in Okinawa, and my children had a blast playing at the beach and visiting all of the fun places like Churaumi Aquarium and Fruits Land. My son loved the plane most of all. He's only 1 year and a half, but he loves everything about transportation: cars and buses, trains and airplanes!
We are back from our vacation now, and everyone is ready for a new event to come this Saturday! We are going to have Little Minds first Easter Egg Hunt! Do not miss it! It happens on Saturday, April 11th in Kinuta Park. Ask teachers for details! 03-3706-1119 We will be happy to see all of our friends and their families! HAPPY EASTER, EVERYONE!

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