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Many things to do...

Hello, Everyone! Our students yesterday were a team of very quite girls, they usually like to make something, so we let them use beads and pipe cleaners to make bracelets. They liked the big choice of beads we have in our classroom, and they were pretty satisfied with the results!
Our afternoon classes were reviewing phonics and alphabet order. We did our version of the alphabet train activity. All of the students did a great job and were ready to answer my questions.
This morning the weather was so nice; we decided, it would be a waste to stay inside on such a beautiful day, so we moved our lesson to a park near Setagaya City Hall. Its' a bid park with lots of thing for children in it.Our students were chasing pigeons, climbing jungle gyms and exploring the sand boxes. After everyone got little tired we found a bench under the beautiful trees and had our outdoor story time. We walked back and stopped just ones to have a water break, because it was pretty hot. All of us enjoyed our little trip, and we decided to do it again soon.
Next week will be a bit short for us, our Golden Week break will start on April 29th and we will be back on May 7th. See you at school!

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