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In a blink of an eye

Hello Everyone! It's been a while!Time flies! This week started, but all of the students are still talking about places they went to during their Golden Week. Many of them went to Disney Land or Disney Sea, some of them stayed in their grandparents' house or played with friends. Many students just stayed at home with their families and relaxed. 
Me and my family stayed local this time and didn't go anywhere far, because nobody wanted to wait in a traffic for couple of hours. But we had lots of fun spending time together. We went to Kinuta park and played for a long time. My children were so charged up and happy to just run as much as they wanted. My son, who's 1 year 8 months old now enjoyed rolling on the grass and chasing butterflies and bugs. He loves bubbles, so we got the bubble mix and let him chase bubbles, too. We were so busy playing, we didn't notice how one of the hundreds of crows flew to our bags and stole a zip-lock with my son's snack! We just saw it leaving with it.....Well...Enjoy your snack time, Mr. Crow...:)
Now we are back to school, all ready to work and study. Mr, Shawn is in America right now, and he called this morning. He's alright and sends his greetings to everyone. We have a busy-busy week as always, working on our phonics, speaking and reading skills. 
See you at school!


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