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You say it's May??? - It feels like summer already!!!

Hello, everyone! It's a busy-busy week as usually. Preschoolers are learning about animals more and more. We not only learn the names, but also the places, where the animals can be found, their character, food they like to eat...We even did an Language Arts project, which was about categorizing the pre-cut animals pictures into four groups: Farm, Zoo, Forest animals and Pets. Preschoolers needed a little help with it, but our Academy, Language Arts and Immersion classes did all the work themselves. Good Job, everybody!!!
Today, as always, we took our preschoolers to one of our favorite parks. It was amazingly HOT today! It really felt like summer. We had a great time sliding and climbing on a jungle gym. Then we played hide-and-seek and also had an outdoor story time. Since this month's theme is animals, we read about animals. Today's story was "Rooster's off to see the world" by Eric Carle. Everybody liked the colorful pictures and counted lots of animals: one rooster, two cats, three frogs, four turtles, five fish....Then we had a little water break, played in the sand box for a while and went back to school. Everybody was feeling hot but happy!
We can not wait for Shawn to come back from America and go to the Zoo together! All of the preschoolers and us are so much excited about this trip! Do not forget to take your easy-to-eat lunches,  drinking bottles and hats with you! See you at school, as always!

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