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Just got back!!! Had lots of fun!!!
Hello, Everyone! We just got back from Zoorasia with our preschoolers, and I'm in a hurry to share some images with you! Pictures can speak better then words, you can sure feel how much fun it was! We were lucky that after all that yesterday's storm and rain the weather was so beautiful!!!
We got on our bus around 9:30 in the morning and made ourselves very comfortable, because we had a small group this time, but bus was really big! We sang our songs on the way, and answered Shawn's questions about what we actually wanted to see at the zoo.
We arrived and started our journey through the jungle, desert and sea world. We saw all the big animals and small ones, too. We all walked and ran a lot. Zoorasia zoo is really big, so on the one hand, it was a challenge for small feet to walk that much, but on the other hand, we in Little Minds always walk a lot going different places, so our students did really good.
We had our lunch outdoors! Picnic style! All of the students have brought their lunches, and teachers, too! We enjoyed our lunch very much, had to watch out for pigeons, too. (they were everywhere and tried to steal our food).
After lunch we went to see an unusual and very cute african animal OKAPI, and everyone liked his cute striped behind:))) Okapi was having his lunch, so we wished him a good appetite and started moving towards the exit. Right there we found a clover field and let our students play a little. Everybody was looking for a four-leaf clover. As for me, I was making a clover wreath, I used to do it back in Russia when I was little. We took couple of pictures together and got on our bus. Half of our crew fell asleep right away, the other half was munching on their snacks. We got back to school safe and without getting into any traffic. Great Day! We all enjoyed it very much!!!
Everybody was ready and was saying animals' names all the time! We are proud of you, guys! Enjoy your evening! See you at school!

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