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What do you like about rainy season? - Hydrangeas, of course!

Hello, Everyone! Not only a weekend flew by, but also the month of May, too. June is here and it announces itself with rainy days and cloudy skies... Some people might be getting sad around this time of the year, but not us!!! Even on a rainy day we find many interesting and fun things to do. We stay in our warm and dry classroom with lots of options in it! On a rainy day we have more time for our arts&crafts projects, painting, working with clay, language arts, fine motor skills activities, story time, learning video time, dramatic play and more-more-more... When it's occasionally not rainy we will sure go out and take a walk.
We actually did it today! We had a mission to fine as many hydrangea flowers as possible! They started blossoming already and look amazing! I love hydrangea! For me this flower is a magical flower, because it changes 7 colors while blossoming, isn't it something?
Our students liked our nature walk a lot! We remembered what color today's hydrangeas were. We will come back on the other day and check again! I wonder what color they will be next time! See you at school!

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