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What do you do on your weekend?

Hello, Everyone! Last weekend we could enjoy all kinds of weather, couldn't we! It was raining cats and dogs at first on Saturday, then it was hot-hot on Sunday, and so it happened, my daughter had her school's sports festival (undoukai) that day.
I find it very nice, that children have this opportunity to show their skills and compete. I enjoyed watching my daughter dancing and just her happy face among her friends, classmates and teachers. It was really hot and we enjoyed the short lunch break and traditional obento which my mother-in-law and I have made.
My daughter's team has lost this time, but we loved the show (except it was too hot and humid that day, may be I shouldn't really complain about weather!:)))especially in the middle of the rainy season in Japan; we were probably very lucky to actually have the sports festival!!!)
Because of having a school day on Sunday my daughter had day off yesterday, and she chose to come to Little Minds and help me with little ones in preschool, she even organized couple of activities herself, Shawn, Katsumi and I, we just watched everybody following her . Thank you, Maru, again for being so helpful in Little Minds! See you at school!

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