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Healthy or not?

Hello, Everyone! This month we learn everything about health! Food is a part of any person's life style; Is it be healthy or not? everybody decides what is the healthy way to live.
This week our afternoon classes were asking and answering lots of questions about what is healthy and what is not. We at Little Minds created our own materials for the health theme. Each student receives a questionnaire he/she needs to fill out, They ask each other questions, then they have to write down each friend's answer. There are many questions and many students in the class, so it takes up to 30-to 50 questions to ask for each student to finish his/her work. After accomplishing the mission each student remembers the question perfectly and recalls it easily next time. We did this activity many times and it turned out to be a great success! 
 The most important is the students do not notice how they start communicate in English, they ask questions, because they want to fill out their questionnaire the faster the better, but at the same time they don't notice that they speak English all lesson, without teacher being in charge all the time. In fact, me and Shawn usually step back and watch our students mastering their conversation skills. It's the best reward for a teacher to see the results of their work. We are proud of you, guys! Good Job! See you at school!

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