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Summer School! We Do It Again!!!

Hello Everyone, it's been a busy week in Little Minds! We all are adjusting to humid and hot weather...Schools and kindergartens are out and many of our friends have made their Summer School reservations already! But we are still waiting for many more friends to join and have a great summer together!
Preschool started water play this week, we took lots of pet bottles, little cups and magic balls with us, students were splashing, they all were wet, but so happy to cool down a little! From now on, if you are coming to our Preschool or Morning Summer School, be sure to have your water play clothes with you, and a towel.
Our Space theme is having a great success. We did the Space Ship Language Arts Project this time...The alphabet space ship, I would say!
In the mornings, as soon as students get into the classroom, they find themselves in the Learning Centers atmosphere: numbers, simple math, alphabet and name tracing, fine-motor skills boards, patterns and shapes....they all are ready to get busy right away! They choose what they like to start their day with, Shawn and I, we just guide them through the centers, but pur students do all the work themselves, making us very proud. Our speaking activities are going very well, too. We are learning how to ask each other question politely, how to introduce ourselves and talk about things we like.

Speaking about the field trip next Saturday! Tomorrow is the last day to apply! We have more then half of a bus full already, but still the lucky ones can get the reservations! Please, call us as soon as possible, because we have to order lunch for everybody in advance! We have a very fun crew on the bus already, so, please, do not miss our field trip this time and come with us! See you at school!

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