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A nice frame for your picture? - Here it is!

Hello, everyone! Summer School started and our Preschool and Academy students are busy creating like never before! Today's project was - a picture frame! We all tried to make it look like summer on the beach! I think all of the students did a great job, even the little ones.
We used the most simple and inexpensive wooden frames, shells of different colors and size, colored sand and white glue. The project is very simple, but it teachers need to do all the preparations in advance, because time does matter during this craft!
First step is to cover all frame with a thin layer of the white glue! After this step everyone has to work really quick, because we need the glue to stay wet at the last step, when we sift the sand over the frame. 
Second step is to make big glue dots and stick big and small shells all over the frame.
Third step is to sift the colored sand over the frame...it is better to do over the tray with the sand, not over the table...well...sometimes little ones want to do it their way, so you might deal with some sand all over the table and the floor, too....But you will sure have lots of fun!!! And we don't mind cleaning at all!
One more thing! Make sure your tables are covered with newspapers or any scrap paper to protect them and make your cleaning easier. 
Students couldn't take their crafts with them today (frames were still wet...), but they left excited about what they are about to receive tomorrow! Everybody is happy!
By the way! Today's snack was cotton candy made right here in classroom! Students were choosing their favorite flavors and couldn't wait for their turns!

We are going on a field trip this Saturday! Seats are still available, please call us to make the last reservations, till this Friday (July 24th)! See you at school!

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