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Mother Farm Trip or There's never enough of blueberries!!!
Hello, everyone!!! We are back from Mother Farm! We went there last Saturday, it was a long trip, but everyone enjoyed a lot!

This time we left earlier then usually, at 8 o'clock. It took more then 2 hours to get to the place, but everybody was amazed watching views outside, at first it was Tokyo Tower and Rainbow bridge and a very fine morning weather, then we arrived to Umihotaru rest area and ocean looked so beautiful, it took our breath away!
 Then we enjoyed going up the hills and experiencing the real deep forest atmosphere...then the weather changed from sunny and really hot to cloudy, warm and windy...but, I think, everybody kind of liked it that way...We got off the bus and went to a room, where nice people from Mother Farm were waiting for us to do our Cup Painting Project, each of us could make one, we sure enjoyed it and did our best!
After that we got on a tractor and took the Mother Farm tour. We saw so many farm animals and learned so many kinds of sheep (there are actually so many kinds!!! I didn't know myself!) We even got of the tractor and played with sheep a little, that was one great experience for everybody...well almost, some of the little ones saw sheep that close for the first time in their life, so they were a little scared, but still interested!
After the tour we had our lunch and free time! We stopped by the amusement park and then went to see the sheep show! I've never seen anything like that, very funny show and very well trained sheep and sheep dogs! 30 minutes flew by like one second!
We all were ready for a group picture and blueberry picking!!! Our bus took us to a very nice spot right in the middle of the forest! All we saw was just nature-nature-nature! And bushes of blueberry taller then all of us, even Shawn! We were the first ones to eat blueberries this year! I believe we got the best blueberries ever! We even took some blueberries home for our families to enjoy!
Everyone was asleep on the way back! And each student and parent got their special cups they've made on the farm as a souvenir! Thank you for joining us this time, guys! We all thank Satomi and Kaori, our dear friends, for helping us this time, and also Ken for taking beautiful pictures of our trip! Thanks a lot to Everybody! See you at school!

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