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The third week of Summer School is over...Two more to go...

Hello, Everyone! I must say I like our events, and this Summer School is not an exception. We've been busy-busy, did lots of crafts, played many games, watched movies and learning videos, baked cookies, tested submarines in our pool and even built our own mazes. This all and even more just in 3 weeks...We have bigger plans for last two weeks of Summer School, when everyone will be back after holidays (August 17 - 28). Little Minds Team will take one week vacation (August 10 - 15), I will spend some time with my family and learn Japanese. Lets hope that we finally get nice weather for the rest of this summer!

Here are some pictures of this week's classes and happy faces in them, thanks to all the students who joined our event already and will be joining this month! We are having lots of fun! Aren't we!


 We thank our good friend Kaori Hirano for her big help during this Summer School! She's great with children and all of our students love her already! Thank you, Kaori, have a nice vacation and we see you again soon!

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