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We are back from vacation! And we are busy!

Hello, Everyone! How did you spend your last week? As for me, I was on vacation and had a great time with my family. I really treasure time spent with my children, we were inseparable last week, went many places together, had lots of fun and made many memories.
I must say I love nature, that's why one week off was a great chance to get out of Tokyo and spend some time among the trees and flowers, and just breathe the fresh air! Sometimes we all forget what real silence means, we always live with so much noise in the background : sounds of millions of cars, buses and trains, factories and constructions...We went to stay in our dear friend's summer house near Kawaguchiko lake and found ourselves in complete silence...We even had no wish to turn on any music or TV; nature has brought us peace and a real relax time...We played with children, went blueberry picking again, watched a monkey show and just drove around enjoying the views...At night, coming back to a place of our stay, we even saw a real and a very big deer, it was standing by the road and waited for cars to pass..it wasn't scared at all and we were amazed, how close to nature we can be...Lake Kawaguchiko looked so beautiful and peaceful among the tall mountains, we couldn't really see Mt. Fuji, because it was constantly hiding behind the clouds, but we still took a lift to a Kachi-Kachi mountain and felt ourselves in heaven, since the clouds were hanging so low....unforgettable feeling...
Well...we came back to Tokyo on Wednesday, we didn't really wanted to get into a big traffic, and spent couple of days at home relaxing, then on Saturday went to Yokohama and took our children to amusement place in Minatomirai...And what a surprise! There were no people! We had all the attractions practically only to ourselves to enjoy. Nice Yokohama view, warm wind from the sea...We all were happy! I must say I had a great vacation!

Now we are back to school, and back to work! Our Monday classes were very relaxed, we spent a day doing language arts about our vacation and making a wonderful "summer flowers in a vase" craft.
We all appreciate so much our students wishing to spend their time in Little Minds even on vacation and wanting to come back again and again! It means we are doing something right, I guess! I'm so happy we are having so much fun this summer! Thank you, Everybody, for joining! I see you at school! As always!

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