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Summer Memories!

Hello, Everyone! It is really hot outside! (Finally! I have already started thinking that summer had completely ignored us this year.) We stayed in today and began to make something to remember this year's summer school. Shawn came up with a great idea of the handmade magnets, I got an idea to put each student's picture on it and let everybody decorate the magnets the way they wanted...
I think we got pretty good results, everybody was involved!!! Of course, this project needed little bit of preparation time from teachers, but working as a team we never have a problem with getting ready for any task. We took pictures of our students in the morning as soon as they arrived, printed the pictures, then cut the smiling cute faces out (I needed a circle shape for the magnet), then I cut the bigger circles out of a green  paper (I think, green is a great summer color!) , glued pictures and our school's logos on them, then laminated everything and put the magnets (cut out of magnetic sheet as big as the students' pictures) on the back side. Each student got his or her magnet and started decorating: we used anything, from pony and little glass beads to little bells and shells with sparkly stuff.
Everybody had much-much fun and felt really satisfied with themselves! What a great job, guys! Now we had to wait till the magnets get dry. But I already can see that it is worth waiting! Magnets look so cool already! I believe our students and their parent will be looking at them though the year and remember good time they spent at Little Minds this summer! Wonderful job! See you at school!

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