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New term? - We are ready!

Hello, everyone! We are back to school! And it feels great! We started working right away; all of the students are sharing their summer vacation impressions and look so tanned and refreshed. It's good to see everybody!
This month we are talking about our favorite Fairy Tales! We also learn about adjectives. We learn how to use them in sentences, describe people and things. Opposites are also in our curriculum in September. We get back to reading and writing, discussing and asking questions. Advanced class this week was doing our original language arts project, a questionnaire about their summer vacation, everybody was making a list of friends and teachers and asked many questions, also wrote down the answers. Everybody was speaking, so the result was great!
Preschool this week was going on many nature walks, we couldn't really do that during the Summer School, since it was very humid and hot, but on the days like today, nice and cool, we are out  and looking for new adventures.
Girls in our preschool are very fashionable, they like to wear nice clothes and accessories. We've decided to make the new cute party bags today, and the girls have found this idea wonderful. We used the paper bags and colorful square - shaped paper, also stickers, teachers were only helping with the stapler, a little.
All of the princesses got their party bags and looked sooo happy! Great Job, Girls! See you at school on Monday!

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