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Little ( but very busy ) hands

Hello, everyone! It is starting cooling off outside and we all feel autumn is near. Autumn is one of our favorite seasons in Little Minds.

As always we will be observing nature changing, studying hard and getting ready for one of the most coolest events of the year - Halloween Party and Parade. This event will be happening exactly on October 31...Please, be prepared for some scary tricks and yummy treats! Do not wait and, please, start working on your costumes already!

Meanwhile, in Little Minds our preschoolers are mastering their fine-motor skills, we started doing lots of pre-writing activities with the 3-year-olds and to train their little hands and fingers we put out lots of manipulatives, puzzles and blocks. 

We also are using clay this week, and clay is our students' all time favorite tool, they enjoy making lots of different   things with it.

For beading this week we decided to add couple of pretty flowers to make an usual bracelet look special and sparkly.

After all of these activities tracing and copying is going really well, we are starting with names and will be tracing some adjectives (opposites) next week, too. See you at school!


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