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Enjoy the acorns time! (but do not forget to watch out for FLU!!!)

Hello, everybody! I hope all of you are alright and are resisting this bad flu virus which finally hit the Setagaya area this month. We at Little Minds are taking this virus very serious and of course doing all possible to prevent our students and ourselves from getting sick. All of the students are washing hands as soon as they arrive, we also have the pump bottles with instant antiseptic hand cleanser around our classroom and at the door. We also ask all of the parents give us a call if anybody of the family members is sick with flu, and suggest to let their child stay at home for at least 6 days and do not come to school if it's not sure whether he/she's infected or not. Let's try our best to keep our children healthy!

I must say, this autumn season has brought us beautiful weather; it is probably a reward, since last summer was so rainy, humid and short. Our preschoolers love to go outside on the days like this and pick the first colorful leaves, acorns and pine cones. We are so lucky to have many areas around our school to visit and look for these treasures of nature. We go to parks and temple areas, where there are so many beautiful and really old oak and pine trees.

Look at all the stuff we got! This week we are going to use these beautiful treasures for our art project; I can't wait to see the results! See you at school!

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