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Winter fun at Little Minds!

Hello, Everyone! We are counting the last autumn days on our calendar; November is almost over. Winter is coming, so do the changes in  Little Minds life. We plan couple of great events this winter! Please do not miss them! 
First, we are taking a part in a famous Boroichi Festival (December 15-16th and January 15-16th).You might find many interesting things to look at and even to buy for a very little price. Most of the goods are handmade. 

We also plan to open new classes this winter! One of them  is available starting this December and anyone is welcome to join! Age, English speaking skills, nationality don't matter! Let's enjoy conversation in English! Come yourself and bring your friends! Don't have anyone to leave your child with? Come together! Our friendly team will take care of them while you are studying! Contact us for more information or come directly to school! 

Have a great day!

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