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Rainy season again???

Hello, everyone! This week we are spending inside, because it rains and rains outside. This year autumn has announced itself with lots of rainy days and cold weather. So what! - we say and keep on being busy in classroom.
We are very happy with fall and it's treasures, so we do many things with them. We collected little brunches and flowers, also Kaori, being a flower arrangement teacher brought some nice stuff to work with. Actually, she organized a wonderful flower arrangement lesson for our Thursday class last week. All od us enjoyed it and got a beautiful autumn gift to take home! Thank you, Kaori, for your kind heart, creativity and great work!
We all notice every day how nature is changing, many of the children are bringing autumn leaves of yellow, red, brown...Today we decided to make a colorful autumn tree. We used paper to make a tree, but to make it look like an autumn tree we took colorful ink pads and used our fingers to leave lots of pretty fingerprints on the crowns of our trees. We had so much fun, and all of the trees amazingly looked different, this is how every child's personality and individuality works.
We are reviewing alphabet order these days, and I must say all of the students are very good at lining them up, we also match the big and small cases, writing and reading our names, learning new vocabulary every day and just enjoying  every day at school!
This month we are celebrating Halloween and organizing two halloween parties (for small and big students) and Halloween Parade for everybody who wishes to have Halloween fun and get lots of yummy goodies!
Halloween Parade will be happening on October 31st, at 5 PM at Little Minds. Come and bring your friend, but you have to apply first. Hurry up, number of tickets is limited. Let's all have a fun and spooky experience! Wear your costume and bring your trick-or-treat basket! Ticket price is 500 yen. We welcome everybody! See you at school!

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