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Get your costumes ready! - Halloween! We do it again!

Hello, everybody! It's been a nice and busy week here in Little Minds, we started taking out our Halloween decorations, getting more stuff and making new things. All of the students are excited to help decorating our classroom, because all of them know that Halloween party will be much fun with lots of cool decorations around! Making decorations brings a special feeling this fun event coming really soon!
Our preschoolers are working the hardest I guess, and not only because they are spending long time at school, but also because they are the smallest and for many of them Halloween Party and Parade will be the first Halloween experience in their lives, so we all are trying our best to make this experience unforgettable!
Little Minds classroom changes little by little day after day, new ghosts, bats and other spooky characters making themselves comfortable on the walls and furniture. We are learning our Halloween chants and getting ready to get all the candy we wish for!
Last year our Halloween Parade made a big impression on our Boroichi street neighbors and many of the stores wanted to join our event and help us trick-or-treating this year! We really appreciate all of the people interested and hope for more smiles and happy faces from our students, their friends and parents! We are lucky to have more spots to get candy from this year! So, please, bring more friends and come yourself! The last day to apply is October 23d! Let's all have HAPPY AND TRULY SWEET HALLOWEEN EXPERIENCE! See you all at school!

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