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Last week of October...

Hello, everyone! I feel so disappointed this week: as much as we took care for flu in my family, my daughter Maru got infected at her school and is sick now...I'm taking care of her and of my son, too. He's alright for now, but can not go to day care, since one of us is down because of flu. I'm writing my blog from home today and first of all want to say thank you to my friends, co-workers and just great people - Shawn, Kumiko and Kaori for taking care of our students and classes, and also this week's Halloween Party and Parade preparation. Thank you, guys!

Today I wanted to tell you a little more about our pre-Halloween experiences at Little Minds. One of them was making a cute (and not scary at all) Scare Crow last week with Preschool and Academy classes. The project was very simple and included work with paper, chopsticks, tape, yarn, clay, beads, glue and fabric... Teachers needed a little time to get ready, we usually prepare a set for each student before doing projects like that, it's very convenient for us and for children: they all count how many parts they have, search for the right part themselves, learn to listen and follow commands. There's usually a part of a project, where teacher plays his main role and student follow step-by-step, but after that, when the base is done, the fun part starts, student use all their imagination to decorate their craft.
Our Scare Crow needed a cross made of chopsticks, we fixed it with tape, then taped this cross on construction paper of purple or black color. We used a clay ball to make a head and beads for eyes, nose and mouth. Seven strands of yarn we used for scare crow's hair and long pieces of orange origami paper to make a hat (we just glued them together like an upside-down fan), then glued our scare crow's paper clothes and decorated everything with little pieces of left over fabric we always have in our classroom. Children like to work with them, because they are so colorful, and each piece is so different, sometimes it has a flower, an animal or some other print on it, our student always dig into a big jar of them to find the most pretty ones for their special designs.
Look what we got! So many pretty scare crows to decorate house for Halloween! Our students were so proud to show their work to parents and to take their Halloween crafts home, they all wrote their names themselves, too.
I'm very happy, that our students are always so creative and ready for any challenging project. I will be back very soon! I see you all at school!

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