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Halloween! Halloween! Trick-or-Treat! (Little Minds Style)

Hello Everyone!  I'd like to thank all of the students, their parents and friends, who made time yesterday and attended our Halloween Party and Parade, we had twice more people then last year for Halloween Parade, it took time for everybody to get their candy, but it sure was worth to wait, because all of the baskets were full of all kinds of candies, chocolates, gums and cookies! Most of the sweets arrived from United States to make our students and their friends feel like it's Halloween. 
All of us were amazed! How wonderful everybody's costumes were! We thank all of the parents who took care of their children's outfits and took Halloween very serious! We also appreciate all of the parents, who dressed up as well and helped us organizing and managing the big number of students and candies! We also thank all of the stores which took part in Halloween Parade and helped us give away the goodies. We thank our close PAMS friends, who assured that our students stayed safe during the Parade. We truly appreciate our wonderful Dracula vampire couple help, they were a big hit! We thank all of the Boroichi street community members who showed their interest in our event and helped us as well!

Our two Halloween Parties went really well, all of the student were dancing with the spooky tunes and took part in any game we planned, our preschooler came with their parents this time and they all danced together with us. I think we all had a wonderful time together!  Afternoon party produced couple of cool but not scary mummies! We had lots of laughs!
But what the children care the most during the Halloween? Candy, of course! Pinatas were the biggest hit! It took a while to break them, but we got fathers and Shawn's help, so we were all happy with the mountain of the sweets on our floor and bunch of students going after them!

Thank You Everybody! We sure had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN this time and we plan to do it next year for sure!
With this wonderful pictures taken by Kumiko and Ken (our special events photographer) we hope to make you remember our Halloween!

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