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All about our school and things in it...

Hello, Everyone! It's been a while since my last post, after celebrating Halloween we at Little Minds got really busy getting back to our studies.

We are learning about 'School' in November. Preschoolers get to know how to name all of the things in our classroom in English, they also learn choosing their morning activities by themselves and talk about what they are doing at the moment.

Afternoon classes tell us what they study in kindergarten and at elementary school, we say the names of the disciplines and talk about the recess activities they do.

Many of the students are done with their phonics workbooks and are ready to receive new ones, more difficult and challenging. We are very proud of all you guys.

We are explaining to our students how to build simple sentences and questions. We are working together on little mistakes our students sometimes make and practicing a lot .

Teachers are constantly working on new learning materials. We use many things we buy, but we like to make our own materials, like worksheets, flash cards...

Weather is really cold these days, it's raining a lot and getting colder and colder outside. On the days like this we stay in and play with our favorite tunnels, have extra time for free play and dramatic play.

Just couple of days and winter will be here...But for now, we are enjoying the last days of autumn and appreciating all of the good things this season brings. See you at school everyone!

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