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Good Bye, Autumn!

Hello, Everyone! On the last day of the autumn season we and our Language Arts class decided to bake a very yummy Autumn Apple Cake.

We took the ripest apples, very yummy raisins, pumpkin seeds, apricot jam and cinnamon. All of the students were taking turns, we were mixing, breaking eggs, sifting flour and baking powder, cutting apples and decorating our future cake with raisins, jam and seeds. Everybody did a great job, we put our cake into the oven and waited for almost 40 minutes.

While waiting, we got busy with our language arts project...but in 15 minutes all of us started feeling the sweetest smell of apples, apricots and cinnamon...It smelled so good in our classroom, we all finished our project very quick and counted minutes till our cake was ready.
It was time to go, we cut our cake in pieces and gave our students one each to take home and enjoy it after dinner. We tried the cake ourselves, and I must say, our Language Arts class did a great job! Cake was so juicy, not too sweet, very fruity and just exceptionally wonderful! Very delicious, guys! Outstanding!

We all say "Thank you" to this Fall season...Farewell, Autumn...Thank you for your fun events and beautiful colors! We thank our students. Everybody has studied hard. We all see you at school. See you in December! Ho-ho-ho!

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