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Just can't get enough of Christmas Trees!!!

Hello, everyone! It's cold outside! It's end of the year, and we at Little Minds are proud to start our Winter School once again! We like to make many nice things during our events. We always pay a lot of attention to arts & crafts, but events are special, so we let our students and guests create as much as they feel like.

This week we organize Winter School Creative Learning Centers. As our students enter, they find many options to try: iron beads and lots of Christmas pattern to design a special decoration, accessory or gift; water paint art, where every student can paint a winter landscape or Santa in his sleigh; fine-motor skills center is represented by bracelet making, student may even attach couple of bells for a special Christmas feeling; paper art center is all about folding-cutting-gluing: we are making snowmen, rein-deers, candy canes, bells, santas, stockings and we seem not having enough of Christmas trees this year, everybody likes to make the new once every day!; our library has new books about winter and Christmas, it's a great opportunity to relax and also read an interesting story; coloring center is full of many kinds of markers-pencils-stampers - our students learn the best color combinations for their seasonal coloring sheets; computers are on, too; we never forget about studying, so we drill our alphabets as usual, we organize many speaking activities, games and quizzes.

There are always many things every day, so lets take the best of our Winter School! Please, check it out, while it's not too late, our event finishes next week, ,the 22d of December will be the last day of Winter School to join. See you at school!

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