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Back from vacation...
Hello everyone! We are back! It's been a new experience to have a 2 weeks winter vacation, it's been plenty of time to spend with my children, to wrap and unwrap gifts, cook and eat yummy food, visit friends and have them coming over.  My family and I visited couple of temples on the first day of this year, we also drove around Tokyo and saw all of the great illumination spots like Roppongi Hills and Omotesando street. We even managed to go to hot springs. But most of all it was wonderful to have a peaceful relaxing time at home.
But! It's great to be back! Long vacation usually makes me appreciate my work a lot. I missed my students, and I have a great big space to create in after all of the Christmas decorations are gone.
We started today with our preschool class. We've created the very cute and funny snow boys and snow girls. We took the pictures of our today's members, used felt for the body, pipe cleaners for the arms, and some felt shapes for the hats and buttons. It's been fun to do and fun to watch. Even the littlest students were speaking up: I like white for arms... I like black for the base...

We all had a great time and got pretty cool results!

It looks like our students had an unforgettable vacation, they all won't stop talking about the presents they have got and places they have visited. We are ready to work now and wish everybody a very Happy New Year, new tasks and challenges, new friends and places, new surprises and opportunities to grow. We truly appreciate all of our students and their parents being a part of Little Minds. We are happy to have your trust and are ready to continue working and studying together.
See you all at school!

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