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Winter Theme

Hello, everyone! January started with very cold and unfriendly weather. In Little Minds we started this year with Boroichi Fair once again. 15th and 16th of January were very cold but sunny days, and we thank all of our students, their parents and friends for coming and even purchasing some nice things from our little store. We  truly appreciate it.
Little Minds students came back from vacation and went back to work. This month theme is about winter season and everything related. We were describing pictures, asking each other questions, playing fun mitten matching games, doing language arts and pretty crafts - we just went back to our studies and reviews.
This month challenge is the teachers made speed reading charts: our immersion classes are practicing their reading skills and trying to write down the words they remembered after that.
Little Minds preschoolers are practicing cutting with scissors this month. We also do floor puzzles and lots of handwriting. We stepped up from tracing to writing now, and are getting much better at writing own names. Our 4year olds are working on their reading and having their first success. Good Job!

We talk about winter and watch learning videos about seasons. This week we describe pictures displaying winter in different places, like park or forest. We also learn about animals in the North Pole and Antarctica, winter sports and clothes we wear when it's cold.
There are two weeks to go, we got so much to do. See you at school!

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