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Feel creative in January!

Hello, everyone! It's cold outside and we had to change our usual preschool nature walks to indoor activities. Of course we still have managed to get outside for a little bit, but our classroom projects kept us busy all week.

First of all,  in January  we started reviewing everything we have learned last year. Vocabulary and language development : starting from favorite things and introductions and finishing our recent topics about winter sports and arctic animals. We work on our math and phonics skills, couple of our preschoolers, 3-year olds, have learned already how to write their names in English, and some of them can read simple words and even sentences using phonics they've learned. We are so proud of every and each of our little students.
One of the most favorite Creative Learning Centers in Little Minds Preschool is Arts & Crafts. This month we celebrate winter and do winter related crafts.
One of them was a wooden snow flake. We used wooden craft sticks, colorful pins and embroidery floss of different colors to assemble them. Then our students made their own designs using markers and glitter glues. We used a fishing line to hang our snowflakes. Everybody was more then satisfied with their work. Great job!
The other project's idea was to make our students memorize a word "WINTER". Language arts helped us with that. Our students have created  very original "winter" bookmarks.
Colorful construction paper, craft scissors, glue, color pencils and crayons, variety of stickers, own imagination and a little piece of ribbon - everything they have needed. Teachers have only laminated all of the bookmarks to make them serve our students long-long time....We got some pretty amazing results, don't you think?
The month of January is almost over,  and it's time already to think about the next school year. We've prepared many good surprises for our old and new members. We now starting the enrollment in our preschool 1,5-2 years old class. February is the only month when the enrollment is possible without an entrance fee. Trial lessons are happening already, so please, make sure not to be late! We are excited to have more new students in March and April. Lots of preschool trial opportunities are available, please call us about the details.

I'm also very happy to share with you, my blog readers, about the new afternoon programs we are about to open in the next couple of month. We are thinking on longer academy classes for our preschoolers and kindergarten students on Wednesdays.
One new JUKU program will start working on Thursday for those who wants to get to the bottom of English grammar, sharpen up and brush up their sentences and questions, learn how to write correctly and pronounce beautifully. Phonemic drills, hearing practice and tests, home work help, lots of interesting worksheets, collected  and created by Little Minds teachers and more things are the part of this program. JUKU class will be open from 16:30 on Thursdays for Japanese elementary school students and international school students.

Our Monday Language Arts class is growing very fast and we have to announce that the number of places in it is limited. We have more then 10 students already, trial lessons schedule is almost full, so please, if you are interested in our 3-hour program, do not wait till April and call us now to schedule a trial lesson. We accept students of different ages in this class, and it's very popular among families with children with age difference of 1 to 5 years. We have many brothers and sisters attending this classes together and having a great fun learning English. We have always two teachers present in our classroom and our Japanese English speaking assistant as well. We organize activities for each level and the whole group together. This program is becoming very popular and we'd love to see our class full before April.

Next month is promising to be very busy with events and studies, of course. I will write in detail about our upcoming field trip on February 27th, Saturday. It is a bus trip once again.
Good news are coming. We will give you an info about what kind of benefits Little Minds members will be getting soon.

Have a great weekend, and I see you at school, as always.

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