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Groundhogs, bean throwing, chocolate smell in the air...It must be February!

Hello, everyone! Sometimes time flies so quick in our classroom we don't even notice... Being busy is always a good sign. We are happy to have many trial lessons scheduled, new students are coming to Little Minds. Thank you very much for joining. We are always happy to welcome new members!

This week started with a very busy Language Arts class: we were decorating our classroom for Valentine's Day making very cute garlands with lots of colorful hearts on them. We divided our class in three teams and they did a great job all together, don't you think?
We did our Language Arts project about Groundhog Day, everybody had fun drawing groundhogs looking out of the hole... all of the drawing are posted in our window for everybody to see. We do it every week, because we are very proud of our students great work.
Today is Setsubun in Japan. It's an old tradition to throw soy beans on this day. You throw the beans outside saying: Bad luck out! (it means you scare all of the bad-bad demons away, all of the bad things are going to leave your house), then you throw some beans inside of your house saying: Good fortune in! (This way you are inviting all of the good things into your house). We love this tradition in Little Minds and make our special demon masks with our preschool class. Shawn played a roll of a demon today, and all of the students were throwing their beans at him...It was a very fun thing to do! We have also created some cute demons out of paper yarn and chopsticks.
This month we review many things we have learned already, vocabulary and introductions. One of the main topics is science, we discuss what the things are made of, what's sweet and what's sour....and more...
On February 27 we will be going to Yamanashi Prefectural Science Center

http://www.kagakukan.pref.yamanashi.jp/web/index.php . It's bus tour, the number of the seats is limited, please, make your reservations as soon as possible. Members and non-members are welcome. We leave at 8am and come back around 5:30pm. Take your lunch with you.
Price list:
under 3 years old - 6.300 yen
3 to 12 years old - 7.350 yen
adults - 8.400 yen

member under 6 years old come with a parent;
under 3 years old - 7.350 yen
3 to 12 years old - 8.400 yen
adult - 9.450 yen

non-members under 7 years old come with a parent;

Please, call for details.

With our afternoon Immersion classes we are reviewing vocabulary and phonics, our students are competing in knowing first letter sounds and are trying to get the biggest number of the flash cards... The biggest number for now is 37!!! Who can get more! Let's try our best! 
I see you at school!

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