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Childhood Memories
As I told you, guys, I grew up in Russia. Russian children are no different from all other children, they also like animation. But 20 years ago in Russia we didn’t know video and DVD players yet, so we watched our favorite animations on TV. I remember, before going to bed I was waiting for my favorite program to start. Now I’m looking at my daughter’s bunch of DVD’s and I-Pod downloads, and I’m happy for her, because she can watch her favorite movies anytime. One of my daughter’s favorite animations is Disney’s Winnie the Pooh. No wonder, characters in that movie are really cute, especially Pooh himself of course.

But! May be you’ll find it funny, I didn’t know about Disney’s Winnie the Pooh till I watched it first time together with my daughter. Funny bear didn’t look familiar to me, ‘cause back in Russia we had our own Winnie the Pooh, or how Russian people would call this character – Винни Пух (vinni poohh). He also looks super cute, and he sounds very funny, even adults love to watch this movie again and again.

 I found couple of movies on YouTube and showed my daughter! She liked Russian Pooh a lot, but refused to call him Pooh (Disney’s Pooh image is too strong in my girl’s mind  I’m afraid) She calls him Russian Funny Brown Bear.

Here in Japan another Russian animation character is popular – Чебурашка (Cheburashka). He’s also cute, but I find Russian Pooh funnier and absolutely adorable! Check it out by yourself! Movie is in Russian, but you sure will enjoy it, cause everyone knows the story! Have fun! And I’d love to have some comments!


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