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Hello, Sunshine!

Hello, everyone! I'd really like to know what happened to the weather this month...It's raining or snowing...it's cold and gloomy outside... Well, you say, it's winter...But I remember winter being nicer to us here in Tokyo...
One of the best this month's news though is that our dear friend and assistant Kaori Hirano came back on our team. She came back and brought the sunshine back, she planted the new viola flowers in front of Little Minds today, and it feels much warmer already! All of our students are looking outside at the beautiful yellow flowers and smiling...They call us: come here! come here! Look outside! 
Thank you, Kaori for taking care of our plants always! And bringing so much warmth on a cold winter day to Little Minds!

In our classroom we continue learning about science. Monday Language Arts class was eager to get to know about "push" and "pull" verbs, their task was to find as many things in our classroom as they could to demonstrate these verbs in action. Then we did our language arts project using all of the things they have found. It was so much fun.
We are accepting the applications for our field trip next week. Please, reserve your seats on the bus now! It is still not too late.

See you at school!

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