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Rain or shine, we are going!

Hello, everyone! I'm sure you all are tired of this rainy weather and want spring to hurry up. It rained yesterday, as well. But all of our students and their parents came to Little Minds early in the morning as scheduled. We got on the bus and left a little bit after 8 a.m. for Yamanashi prefecture. All of us were in  high spirits, and couldn't wait to explore Yamanashi Prefecture Science Center. It took a bit more then 2 hours for us to get there because of traffic on a highway. We played games and ate yummy snacks, all of the students were enjoying themselves and looking outside. Yamanashi prefecture prepared one big surprise for us! We got into a long tunnel and it was raining cats and dogs outside....we got out of the tunnel in Yamanashi and found ourselves in a beautiful place surrounded by high mountains with a clear blue sky above... It was truly great surprise for a field trip day! We all cheered!
Around 11 a.m. we arrived to Science Center, which is located high in the hills. We were amazed by breathtaking views and fresh air. Science Center has many options to offer for the visitors, we didn't have enough time to try all of the things, but we got to watch a very informative science show( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUELrnObDgE ),
and explore the interesting structure of a facility. We got to have our lunch outside, it was sunny and warm, we all enjoyed it very much. Our little students were playing in children's room upstairs, they didn't want to leave, there were so many things to play with, many of them were made by stuff, and were original and fun.
Around 14 p.m. we got on our bus and left for our strawberry picking location. It took 15 minutes to get there. I must say, I explored this strawberry picking place with my family before we took our students there. It's a wonderful place and stuff takes care of each and every berry. Place is very clean and there are no worries even with little ones. Strawberry house stuff explains how to pick strawberries right without damaging a plant. Strawberries were outstanding. Very sweet and bid, too. Such strawberries you can enjoy only in the strawberry house, because they wouldn't make to any supermarket being so soft and sweet, very ripe. 30 minutes of unlimited eating...All of the tummies were full! Many of the students and parents were buying yummy bread there, too, as a gift for their families. Strawberry house also offered a big variety of toys for little children. Our little students got to ride toy cars and bikes. It was fun thing to do right there in strawberry house.
We left around 3 p.m. and started heading back to rainy Setagaya. All of the students were full of emotions and didn't sleep on the way back, everybody laughed and exchanged the best impressions of the day. What a great time, guys! We all had a wonderful trip! Thank you for coming! See you all at school!

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