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Spring is here!

Hello, everyone! We all waited too long for spring to come, and it's finally here! This years winter was fighting for a long time not wishing giving up. I must say I appreciate these warm days even more now.

March rushed in with a bunch of new faces! We are happy to welcome many little members, they have entered our Family Circle program and are about to join our Preschool when the new school year starts.

Our preschool class started going for a long nature walks again, we have discovered first pretty plum blossoms; unbelievable beautiful spring flowers are everywhere in Setagaya, once again I was thanking destiny for bringing me here. I happen to live in work in one of the most beautiful, clean and safe places in Tokyo and Japan. It's a pleasure to take children for a walk here, and there are so many places to see, and many different areas to discover and play in. We at Little Minds have our favorite spots already, and students usually ask us to take them there, but sometimes we prepare a surprise for them and take our students to new parks and nature walk courses, they are always very excited about it; we find it very important for little citizens to know where they live and learn about Setagaya more and more.
We are talking about SPRING this month and all of the changes happening in nature. We put together a very cute lady bug and flowers craft with the girls. It felt more spring like in our classroom right away!

Spring School is starting on Monday 15th of March, it's still ok to apply and come to our lessons. Members and non-members are invited. Members do not pay extra for this event, they come to their classes as scheduled. Please, do not miss your lessons, we have thought about lots of fun things for you. Yummy things as well.

I have to make an announcement about our Language Arts class on Monday. Regular class has stopped signing in the new students. Class is full. We are opening our Language Arts Waiting List . In case of absences of our regular class members, students from this list will be given a priority to have a chance to take a one time class or special event class. We all appreciate our students' big interest in our Language Arts program and will be working on new challenging programs in the future. 
One more announcement is about this year  Easter Egg Hunt. Easter falls on April 4th this time, but it's the last day of our short spring break. That's why we have decided to schedule our event a week later, on April 10th, Saturday.
Easter Egg Hunt will be happening at the same place, where we had it last year, in Kinuta Park. We had so much fun there, lets do it again this time, and do not forget, you may bring your family and friends, but be sure to apply in time, because the number of tickets is limited. Be sure to apply before the spring break , before March 29th. The fee is 500 yen per child. We will have lunch together, bring your lunch with you, or buy it in one of the shops in Kinuta park. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, because lots of running will be involved. Information will be given to members during the Spring School and posted outside for everyone to see. We are looking forward to meeting everybody and have Easter fun together.
See you at school!

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