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Spring School 2010! Friends are here already! Come and have fun together!

Spring School, Spring School! It sounds so promising! The days are getting warmer, pretty flowers around make us think of making beautiful flower crafts and wearing nice spring clothes; who needs those heavy winter clothes now! Our regular students also know that every event at Little Minds means lots of time for fun activities to choose, yummy snacks to make and eat together, go outside and play, watch interesting movies during lunch time, meet many new and old friends and just celebrate this beautiful season!

This week went so fast, we were out nature walking, met lots of new students, who came for our Family Circle program every day. They are about to join our Preschool Program and come for training right now. We ate lots of popcorn, because it was students' favorite snack this week, watched so many fun movies in English, read spring stories, played spring and Easter bingo, made an Easter Egg mosaic, colored a lot....and did so many other things....All of us are happy and ready for the last 4 days of this school year to come.


Little Minds goes on vacation from March 28th till April 4th. I plan to stay in town and relax with my family.
What are your plans? We ask students about that these days. I wish everybody to have a great spring break and come back to school refreshed and ready for new challenges! We all are going to step up next school year! See you at school!

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