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Easter Egg Hunt 2010 - Little Minds Style
Hello, everyone and thanks to all of the friends, who joined us yesterday at Kinuta Park. We spent a wonderful time together playing games, chasing each other, hunting eggs, enjoying lunch under the cherry blossom trees, sweets, discovering special prizes inside of eggs and taking lots of pictures together.
Many of our new preschoolers came and they had a great chance to meet the most of the Little Minds members. Many of our members came together with friends. We are always happy to see new faces! Old friends came as well! We like our events crowded!
We started with greetings and a game, then each student created own pair of rabbit's ears each and an Easter basket.
After that we took a short lunch break and enjoyed lunch boxes we brought with us. After lunch we took off to our special egg hunt place, each student picked up 3 eggs of their choice. All of us came back to our spot and opened the eggs. 
Besides yummy Easter sweets many students discovered additional prizes, like Easter themed pencils. The winner of the egg hunt this year is a two years old boy, who gets his free lesson of choice at Little Minds.
We all had fun, it was a beautiful spring day! Great event! I thank my team, my Little Minds Family, for being so great and supportive during the preparations. I personally thank Ken Yoshioka for taking all these wonderful pictures. We thank all of the friends and their parents for bringing us joy and lots of laughs! See you at school!

P.S.: Last week, on my vacation, I was lucky to see an Easter Egg Hunt at hotel, where me and my husband were staying, in Saipan, USA. It was a great experience. I got to see a bunch of real rabbits and children playing with them. I took a picture with one of the Easter Bunnies, and she appeared to be a Japanese. Isn't it funny? I had much fun watching children running through the hotel's garden looking for Easter eggs and then getting their sweets from Easter Bunnies, taking pictures and laughing. Everybody looked so nice; children and parents wear their best clothes on Easter day in United States. I had a great time, it was my birthday, too. I also took a flight home that day. So many things to experience! I loved it! I also was very excited to experience Easter fun with my students a week later! And our event went very well! Thanks, everybody! Have a great weekend.


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