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Rain-rain, go away!
Hello, everyone! We were staying mostly inside these days. Why? ...Because we look at our calendar, and it says - end of April, however it still feels like February, my friends... + 5-8 outside and all this rain.... not a good match for a nature walk or play at the park...
We were keeping warm inside and reviewed our classroom English, we have practiced manners, self-help skills and got really good at being polite to each other.
Preschool and Language Arts classes were working with fabric this month...I absolutely love fabric, I love to sew and create clothes, and it's obvious, that I have so many pieces of fabric left after my projects. I don't like to waste even a little peace. We celebrated Earth Day this week and recycled my left-over fabric in a very pretty way. Language Arts class created their names out of colorful pieces. Our Daisy class (2 years old students) were very much involved in their butterfly mosaic projects. Sunflower class (3 years old students) worked on patterns themselves and made their own very special butterflies. We also recycled strips of colorful paper and have made pretty daisies.
Free art was a highlight of this week - we taped huge sheets of paper in the middle of our classroom's floor, got out all of our crayons and color pencils and let our students create. We were pleasantly surprised, that they were not only drawing images, but also wrote alphabet letters. This way art turns into language art! Shawn, Kaori and I loved it, of course.
Our most advanced students are busy with sentence building. All month we've worked on our materials for this class: we provide a large variety of cards for our students. Among them they find the most used nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions... It's a huge amount of cards and a very large vocabulary. We build sentences starting with the most easy ones, memorize new words and expressions lesson after lesson, we let our students write their sentences down in their own notebooks; this way they are able to see their own progress. We correct mistakes together, explain them and work on new sentences again and again. We all find this process very rewarding and exciting.
April is almost gone and I'm looking forward to the next month bringing warmer days and new challenges.
We finished evaluating our students, and almost everybody got their reports already. Good job! I see you all at school!

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